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My Collection And What I Have To Trade And Want

My Collection

My collection consists of around 120-150 dispensers. My favorite of them all are my PEZPal doctors(if you can put the stethascope on him let me know.) This part of the page will be changing frequently so check by every once and a while.

PEZ For trade or sale

These are the PEZ I have for trade or sell
Easter Bunny-loose

Blue Batman(older)-loose
Just throw me an offer and we'll nogtiate.

What PEZ I'm looking For

I know where I can get most dispensers when I want them,but I'll let you know when I am looking for a particular dispenser. I also collect the older packs of PEZ candy, stickers, tattos, and ad sheets so let me know if you have any for sale or trade.

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